In the 90s I was 14 years old and I designed many graffiti drawings in the then typical style with checkered letters. 


I followed architectural arts and we did nothing else than drawing. 


Yet I never started spraying with my friends. I did want to follow airbrush and then the year after I switched to a direction where they gave airbrush. In that school I learned to refine my painting techniques. Before that, I was mainly a pencil artist. I performed this technique as if it were an airbrush. 


After I went to the artschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels, I started taking private lessons in airbrush for freehand technique. Afterwards I started learning Graffiti-Mix techniques at Molotow in Germany. These are the techniques that I also use in my murals.

Streetart graffiti muurschildering trompet l'oeil